Sunday, March 17, 2013

We All Come Home Eventually: The Back Story

We All Come Home Eventually is a story that actually sprang directly from a line in chapter fourteen of Antioch, where Aaron Dunn talks about how we all come home to what we remember.

The character of Todd is someone that I think a lot of people can relate to on a very basic level, much like Aaron was. In a way, I think that he's sort of an evolution of Aaron, though his ex boyfriend Ryan is certainly no Warren. He's an emotionally abusive omnipresent source of ill feelings for Todd.

His best friend Mark is straight, and he's a constant comfort in the story. I suppose that makes it the opposite of Spin The Bottle, where the straight friend's intentions are not as well-meaning in the end. I do look at the two stories at almost mirrors of one another, both of them dark but for different reasons.

The story is written in first person present tense, which has become my standard way of writing since Antioch. The unique spin I put on this story is that Todd tells the story as though speaking it to Ryan, who is never otherwise in the story more than a few brief mentions of him in passing.

The story has been up for a while, and I've just now gotten around to writing the back story of it. I suppose depression and a busy schedule have a lot to do with it, but you'd think I'd learn to plan for those things.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy We All Come Home Eventually, a short story by myself, Roman Theodore Brandt.

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