Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Become a Sellout In Four Steps

I have some announcements regarding my stories. Everyone stop being logs and listen, because if you read my stories, this applies to you. I'm going to phasing out of free posts online and into paid downloads, then eventually print copies as well. The plan is as follows:

The Last Bus Home is tentatively still on, and will be the final story posted free online, after Midnight at the Bowling Alley. This will occur around the end of November 2013. This list is no chronological in any way, because this places this near the end. Plans may change completely for this one.

Around November 15th, I will begin phase one of the actual transition, which consists of releasing a new short story, called Drive, as a free download on Smashwords. It's free, so download it to get an idea of my new style. If you like it, then you'll want to look into the next installment:

On or around November 20th, I will release another new short story, Ghosts, in paid format. All of my paid short stories will likely range from $0.99 to $1.25 depending on a variety of things I determine in my head and refuse to tell anyone else. I am a crazy hermit. Don't question me. It will likely be based on page length and whatnot. Will there be discounts? Heck yes there will. Smashwords lets me do discounts out the ass! This one will be $0.99.

Around November whateverish (we'll say the 27th just to be difficult), I will release another new short story, Michael, as a paid download for about... $1.15. Don't question me.

These downloads will all contain special features, including a small bit of commentary from me on the writing process for each piece.

Following this at some vague but near future date, I hope to have Anthology Volume One ready, containing revised versions of all of my free online stories (which will cease to be online once this goes up) for a bit more than a single story, obviously. This will also have print versions available, because it is a whole book. Perhaps a poetry collection as well, though which one has yet to be deterimined.

I am really hoping my readership follows me to the land of sellout. They have awesome cookies there.

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