Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Indie Author Threatens To Turn World Into Parking Lot

I've decided to put together a tentative release schedule for the next 30 days. I'm going to post the art for the releases in this blog alongside the anticipated drop date.

01/14/13: The Dead Astronauts. This short story takes place on a space station, and follows my most commonly used theme: a character in a very ordinary life (for the time and location) and the desire to find something better. It's one of the riskiest stories I've written, as far as setting and writing style go, because I'm no Carl Sagan. I've taken the focus off of the high tech elements that normally dominate the genre so I can focus on the relationship, which is something I do know how to do.
01/20/13: Chapter Three of The House On Bernard Street. The third installment in my second live novel. With Christmas at Warren's mother's house looming, Aaron faces stress and familial resentment, as well as the equally frightening threat of Christmas at Warren's Dad's house.

01/26/13: We All Come Home Eventually. This short story focuses on the dynamic between a man and his best friend in the aftermath of a breakup. I'll reveal more about this later on.

02/02/13: Our Lives In Ruin. This short story focuses on a man and his mother living in poverty in a small town. More details about this later as well.

Also, at some point, I plan to put up the new art for Spin The Bottle, designed to match the vintage toilet bowl spittoon Saturn rocket thing my new covers have going on. Also, A Tree In The Park and It Might Be My Mother are being taken down after the release of The Dead Astronauts for revision and expansion. 

Stay tuned. I'll link to all of these things as they occur, including any easter eggs I decide to crack open on your collective foreheads.

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  1. Oh boy. This was really informative, but it seems like the whole thing is being written as a really boring newspaper about myself. Like Facebook, but without all the other people.

    Oh, that's right. It is. Welcome to my newspaper about my writing. I promise on here that you'll never have to read about me breaking up with anyone, hating drama, threatening to "kill a bitch" or witness me posting ab shots because I have nothing else to offer the world.

    This blog is entirely my writing, eventually morphing into a full on third-person newspaper/newsletter.

    Enjoy! :)